Unpainted Wood- Beyond Wood Trim

Stained or unpainted wood trim has been a go- to decorating idea for homes and spaces for generations. Recently the use of horizontal wood paneling has been gaining traction speedily. Sometimes shiplap or nickel gapped, the wood is often reclaimed in keeping with that growing trend. Sometimes it's pickled or has a translucent stain applied to allow grain to show. The result is occasionally sleek ( think cherry or walnut or fir) but more often very rustic and  organic looking and works for properties as divergent as beach homes, lofts and country homes. The color of the wood dictates what paint colors look best with it. Often white is chosen as it allows the color and grain of the wood to be the star of the room. Depending on the color of the wood however, walls painted other than white can look terrific. Below are some great examples of horizontal, unpainted wood paneling. Thanks to all the great designers on Houzz whose photos I used.
Horizontal Wood paneling

Horizontal Wood Paneling

Horizontal Paneling

Horizontal Paneling: Pickled, Stained or Natural

Wooden beams, slats or paneling

Wooden beams, slats or paneling