Colored Barns

Living in the country it's impossible to ignore the variety of barns around me. But I'm often zipping by at speeds way too fast to stop and take a photo. Who doesn't love the iconic red barn with its endless variations of that red hue. But once I started finding other colors it became too difficult to choose a favorite. Weathered or newly painted, soft or boldly colored, they're simply all gorgeous. In my travels around the world I always find myself shooting photos of doors, roofs and fences so another story on barn doors is sure to come. But here are some great images of colored barns, in Upstate New York and beyond.
Red Brans

Iconic Red Barns

Yellow Barn

Yellow Dutch barn

Brown Barn

Rust Colored

Light Brown Barn

Brown Barn with white trim

Blue Barn

Cornflower Blue Barn

yellow round barn

Yellow Round Barn at the Inn at Round Barn Farm in VT

Black barns and Gray barns

Black and Grey Barns

Forest Green Barn



Fashion/Sculpture/3D printing

Though her work does not rely on color for its impact, I couldn't help but feature it here for its other worldly, futuristic, yet primitive power. Ana Rajcevic is an Award-winning fashion artist working at the intersections of sculpture and fashion design. She specializes in pieces made from synthetic polymers, metal and leather.  Her collection of bespoke head pieces is called ANIMAL: The Other Side of Evolution.  An architecture graduate, her first sculpture exhibition Wired (2009) featured disassembled mannequins impregnated with metal strings. Her armor inspired fashion collection UNHUMAN (2009), handmade in leather, metal and rubber, envisioned a world of dark and elegant beauty. In order to achieve her vision, Rajcevic took advantage of AutoDesk 123D Catch and Maya’s 3D animation software and subsequently pushed the limits of 3D printing processes. Rajcevic took an original hand-crafted mould and captured the image to transfer into digital.  She added over 800 hair-like structures to the exaggerated headpiece. Ana explained, “I was inspired by insect-like sharp, hairy, textures. I wanted it to appear as though they were growing from the material, with a tough and bristly look of almost needle-like quality.” The final piece was printed with Nylon in the New York studio. Inspired by the result, Ana took another step closer to full digital realization by removing the hand-crafted model from the production process. She simply scanned her head and used the dimension to mould her new design to a custom fit. Maya software gave the artist her clay and scalpel, as it were.  
Wearable Sculpture

Fashion Sculpture


Sea Foam

At the end of the day, Sea Foam is one of my favorites colors for any application - interior or exterior. It soothes, refreshes, beautifies. It works with any type of decor. It's both sophisticated and elemental. The perfect blend of light blue and green.
Sea foam exterior

Sea Foam building exterior

Sea foam stairway

Sea foam stairway

sea foam room

Sea foam and pink

sea foam walls, brown sofa

Sea foam living room

Sea foam bedroom

Sea foam bedroom

  Here are some suggestions for Sea Foam paint:
Sea foam

Sea foam colored paint