Sliding Barn Doors Inside

Aren't interior barn doors fantastic? Like pocket doors, they are space savers as there is no need for floor space for the doors to swing out into the room. But they are so much more attractive with their rugged proportions. Pocket doors are all about saving space and disappearing but rarely do they move smoothly and tend to wobble along as they slide. It's difficult to imagine any other architectural structure which, like barn doors, came in from the cold and gained popularity as an interior accoutrement. Historically, most barns had at least one pair of large hinged doors that opened onto the main drive. Each door measured about four or five feet wide and about eight or more feet high so that a fully loaded hay wagon could be brought inside. Built of vertical boards with diagonal braces on the inside, the doors hung from large wrought-iron strap hinges.  They have become very popular for interior use in the past 10 years or so. Half the appeal of barn doors is the chunky, rustic or industrial hardware used to create the track and wheels. They're almost medieval looking. Barn doors inside are a great addition to so many different style rooms: contemporary, minimalist, eclectic, country, etc...Some people choose to use two doors which meet in the middle when closed, others like the look of one large door. As to the doors themselves, there is such a wide variety of materials and treatments. Usually they're wood but they can also be metal; shiny or aged with a beautiful patina. Wood doors can be reclaimed, stained, pickled, matching other wood in the room, painted high gloss enamel, matte or anything in between. If looking to make them the focal point of a room then choose a color or material which differentiates it from the rest of the decor.  Here are some beauties.
red barn door

Barbara Bestor Architect

barn doors with crosses

Barn door in the home of Oughten Bag Co. founder

 wood barn doors

Reclaimed wood barn doors by Brooklyn Home Co.

natural wood and painted barn doors

Two toned barn doors by Hutker Architects

metal doors

Industrial looking metal barn doors

brightly painted barn doors

Yellow and Blue interior barn doors

metal barn doors

Shiny aluminum and White barn doors