Front Door Color Tips

There isn't a designer worth their salt that doesn't extoll the virtues of a colorful and arresting front door. Look around and you'll find front door color which run the gamut from the classic (red, black) to the arcane or whimsical (turquoise, acid yellow, chartreuse). But rarely do we hear about adding color to the front door's interior side. Most often you'll find the inside of the front door in wood stain which matches its exterior or find it painted white.  While I would never criticize the use of white in a home's entranceway; it can never offend and is so crisp and clean, one is really missing out on a great opportunity by going that route. Many people keep white as the entranceway/foyer wall color and don't even realize what an amazing difference adding color to the door's interior side would bring. One doesn't even need to have an architecturally "significant" door. The color will do the job of adding the pizazz!! And here's a tip...use exterior paint for the front door interior. It gets a lot of abuse subjected to the elements all year long as you open and close it.
front door color light blue

Julie Holloway

front door color black

Refined LLC

front door color turquoise

michael robert construction

front door color yellow

Conner & Buck

front door color gray stain

Highmark Builders

front door color mint green

Hudson Interior Designs

Bright yellow front color

Bright yellow door gray walls

Glossy Navy and Chartreuse front Door color

Glossy Navy and Chartreuse Doors

And don't forget to paint the inside of the screen or storm door too!  

Colors for the Baby Nursery

How to Choose Colors for the Nursery. Wondering what colors to paint the baby nursery? From 0 - 3 months, babys' vision is not fully formed and they can only focus on objects 8" - 12" from their faces. Highly contrasting patterns are most recognizable to them. By 5/6 months old their color vision is well developed. What colors will help with their development and keep them stimulated? What colors and lighting encourage them to sleep?  What types of paints are most healthy to use? Until World War 2, the color pink was not gender specific. In the 18th century, men wore pink and decorated their rooms with it. As a derivative of red, the strongest most passionate, aggressive color, pink was considered very manly. Pink and Blue are classics but there are many other routes to take to create an engaging oasis for your newborns and toddlers. Color affects us all emotionally, psychologically and physiologically. Its affects are profound on the human psyche. Learn how to use color effectively in your home.
Colors for the baby nursery

Pink and Mint for toddler girls

How to paint the baby nursery

Lavender in the nursery

paint colors for the baby nursery

Wallpaper for the Nursery

what to paint the baby nursery

How to Use Neutrals in the Nursery