The allure of pink and orange.

This color combination conjures up associations with the exoticism of the East. For some this may mean Morocco, for others India. Either way, it's an unusual palette in the American home, but sensational, nevertheless. Admittedly, it's not for everyone. Pink has gotten a bum rap, being tied to all things "little girl" since WW2 in the States. Previously and in some cultures still, it is considered gender neutral or even masculine due to its derivation from red, an aggressive, active, powerful color. Orange has virtually no negative cultural connotations. It's considered joyful and happy. Together they create a vibrant, warm space. This combination needs to be used carefully. Muted tones are easier to live with in large doses. Orange and pink can be combined creating lovely outcomes used as accent colors against a neutral background or against complementary, cool hues like blue or green. For the more adventurous, one can create an environment which envelops the inhabitant in a cocoon of warmth by boldly using the duo as the main players in a  room.
Dar Faracha

Albert & Liz Watson's Dar Faracha

Pink and orange on white

Shell pink accent wall and orange cabinet

orange, pink and gold living room

orange and pink living room

muted coral with a toned pink

muted coral with a toned blue pink

soft tangerine and shell pink

Soft tangerine and pale pink

soft pink and orange accents

Pale pink, blue and orange accents with rustic grey wood paneling

orange and pink living room

Sophisticated orange and pink living room