Benjamin Moore
Farrow & Ball

I highly recommend using Full Spectrum Paints. The cost of materials is relatively minor compared to the cost of labor when painting. Invest in the best that you can.

Full spectrum paints are offered locally by C2 and Benjamin Moore, Color Stories.

The European colorant system (as well as that used by C2 paint) is a 16 pigment system, unlike the 12 used by almost all US paint makers. Full spectrum paints can utilize up to 16 pigments to create their hues.Typically they are comprised of 5 to 7, not the standard few used in the industry here and they are never made with black or grey tints. The use of so many pigments in each color formula as opposed to the use of black or grey in the mix makes full spectrum paints complex colors of great depth and luminosity. They appear mutable as the light of the day changes and because they contain so many pigments in their formulation they make stunning color combinations in and between rooms. These paints are all low VOC.

Farrow & Ball, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin- Williams and C2 all offer color ranges of great depth and beauty.