Design Ascension: Color on the Staircase

It's not JUST a way to transport you from story to story. You can create a perfectly lovely traditional staircase with a runner over bare wood. But, it's an architectural feature that can be transformed into a major design element with the inventive application of paint, stain or wallpaper creating a new striking design feature which elevates it beyond its mere functionality. Think color, out of the box! painted staircase Especially for the property owner who is timid about adding color to the home, the staircase is an excellent place to dip your color-phobic toe into the paint bucket and create a bold statement in a very contained place. Even with an otherwise monochromatic space that's neutral; all white, beige or grey, a colorful staircase will transform the house. It's not unheard of to paint numbers or words on the risers. Get creative. You can play with its elements; painting just the treads or the risers, creating patterns on the steps or the side wall, using its graphic form to help create abstract art in your stairwell.
multi hued steps

Multi- hued steps

Ombre! Pink Ombre steps Here's a raw wood staircase where color is just used on the rising wall. Raw wood stairs Unstained or unpainted stairs surrounded by deep color. This treatment makes the staircase pop!
Unstained staircase, painted hallway

Designed by Rafe Churchill

yellow stairs

Boldly painted risers

patterned staircases

Patterns on the stairs: Nautical stripe and a geometric shape

patterned staircase

Wallpaper and stenciled risers

painted runner on stairs

Stylized floral pattern and an asymmetrical runner created with paint

Stained wood stairs

Gray wash stain by John Pawson and worn black stain on steps